Hariri Says Will 'Patiently' Pursue Efforts to Form Government

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri announced Thursday that he would "patiently” continue his efforts to form the new government.

“Despite the differences between the political parties, we hope through our calm, patient and responsible dealing with all parties to finally form the government and start solving the problems facing the country, because without patience and wisdom we cannot solve these problems and advance the country," Hariri said during a meeting at the Center House with around 70 students from Stanford University who are visiting Lebanon.

“What distinguishes Lebanon from other countries in the region is its democratic system and diversity. As you notice, we are living in a region marked by unrest and wars, but Lebanon, thanks to God and to the will of the Lebanese and their keenness on its security and stability, distanced itself from what is happening around it," the PM-designate added.

Noting that Lebanon "suffered a lot in the past from wars, Israeli aggressions and assassinations," Hariri emphasized that "today we have a unique opportunity to advance the country, revive the economy and solve the problems we are facing, especially the problem of the displaced Syrians."

"We also seek to benefit from the opportunity that comes from the CEDRE Conference to rebuild the infrastructure and advance the country," he added.

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