Officials Free Lebanese Woman Jailed for Insulting Egypt

An Egyptian lawyer says a Lebanese woman who was jailed for insulting Egyptians in a video she posted online has been sentenced to a suspended one-year term and has left Egypt.

Emad Kamal tells The Associated Press on Friday that Mona el-Mazbouh has been released, just days after an appeals court reduced her sentence from eight years in prison.

Kamal says el-Mazbouh boarded a flight Thursday to her home country after she paid a fine of 10,700 Egyptian pounds (around $598).

Egypt arrested el-Mazbouh in May after she posted a 10-minute video in which she used profanities to describe her vacation in Cairo, where she says she was sexually harassed. She calls Egyptians the "dirtiest people" and Egypt "the country of pimps ... of beggars."

El-Mazbouh later posted a video apologizing.

Source: Associated Press

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