SGBL Committed to Lebanon's 2018 Cultural Festivals

Art, in all of its aspects, is “a means of enriching culture and innovation,” the SGBL bank has said in a statement.

“A strong supporter of culture and arts in Lebanon, SGBL has established over the years long-term partnerships with major cultural institutions. As part of the bank’s CSR commitments, SGBL sponsors a large number of festivals throughout the year in various Lebanese regions, contributing to the strengthening of cultural tourism. This year, the bank sponsored more than 13 international and national festivals including Beiteddine, Cedars, Baalbeck, Ghosta, Faqra, Sidon or Tyre, among others,” SGBL said.

At both Cedars International Festival and Beiteddine Art Festival, SGBL stood out with a “Fan Love Booth”, a “new, modern and refined booth specially designed for the occasion with a permanent presence of the bank’s representatives to present the different products and services.”

The photo booth installed enabled guests to take a picture of themselves, edit and customize it on the screen and post it on social media platforms. The pictures that collected the most interactions won several prizes.

“The booth proved to be a great success especially that it gathered a huge crowd of visitors of all ages, excited to bring home the souvenir pictures of their experience. Visitors were very satisfied at the booth, describing their experience to be very pleasant and fun,” SGBL said in its statement.

Habib Khoury, Director of SGBL’s Strategy and Marketing Department, stressed on the bank’s role through its various cultural partnerships.

“As an active advocate of culture and arts, SGBL supports many artistic initiatives, confirming its ongoing commitment to promoting arts and culture in Lebanon and the region. At SGBL, we are convinced that festivals and other cultural events that we sponsor drive the promotion of our identity as Lebanese, our traditions and most of all our values,” Khoury said.

“Through its constant support to the various cultural events in Lebanon, SGBL confirms its will to promote Lebanese culture, with the continuous aim to get things moving,” SGBL added.

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