Aoun: No Shot to be Fired from Lebanon if No Israeli Aggression

President Michel Aoun has stressed that “not a single bullet” will be fired from Lebanon if Israel does not attack first.

“We have adopted the policy of dissociating ourselves from the conflicts in the region, especially in Syria, and if Lebanon does not come under any Israeli aggression, not a single bullet will be fired from its territory,” Aoun, who is in New York for the annual U.N. General Assembly meetings, told France's Le Figaro newspaper.

Warning that Israel is seeking to “fragment the region into sectarian parts and minority alliances,” the president emphasized that such formats “contradict with the nature of our system” and “are doomed to fail.”

“In Lebanon, the system is based on consensus and having a say does not mean that a veto is being used and some foreign public opinion is insisting on turning Hizbullah into an enemy,” Aoun added.

Separately, the president called on France and Europe to “back a gradual and safe repatriation of Syrian refugees and to contribute to UNRWA and the CEDRE projects.”

“One of each three residents in Lebanon is either displaced or a refugee, and naturalizing them in Lebanon would alter our demographic character in an irreversible manner,” Aoun warned.

“Everyone knows my history and only Lebanon's interest dictates my work,” the president said.

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