Report: Macron Asks Aoun to Press All Parties on Govt. Formation

French President Emmanuel Macron asked President Michel Aoun during their meeting in Yerevan to personally intervene to “facilitate” the formation of the new cabinet, a media report said.

“Macron is following up on the government formation file and he asked President Aoun to facilitate the process and press the obstructing parties in order to release the cabinet from captivity,” informed sources told Kuwait's al-Jarida daily in remarks published Sunday.

“The French president hinted to Aoun that he needed to press friends before foes,” the sources added.

The sources also revealed that Aoun has briefed Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on the outcome of his meeting with Macron.

“Macron stressed the need to form the government as soon as possible so that Lebanon gets to benefit from the package of aid and loans that was endorsed at the CEDRE Conference,” Aoun reportedly told Hariri.

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