Aoun Welcomes Reopening of Nassib Crossing

President Michel Aoun hailed on Monday the reopening of a key trade route between Syria and Jordan, once vital for the transit of goods in the Middle East, describing it as beneficial for Lebanon’s productive sector.

“Opening of the Nassib border crossing is beneficial because it will reconnect Lebanon to Arab countries and allow the passage of people and merchants from Lebanon to Arab countries, and vice versa,” said Aoun on Twitter.

The President said the crossing “will revive Lebanon’s various production sectors, and will reduce the cost of exports to Arab countries.”

Lebanese imports to oil-rich gulf nations had been hardly hit since the Nassib border crossing closed in 2015. Since then, some Lebanese exporters have relied on sea and air transport for such exports.

Aoun said Lebanese politicians should take advantage of all opportunities to help the country's economy.

Lebanese politicians are sharply divided between supporter and opponent of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Some politicians, including Prime Minister Saad Hariri, say they are against visiting Syria.

Jordan on Monday reopened its main Nassib border crossing with war-torn Syria after a three year closure.

The border crossing, known as Jaber on the Jordanian side and Nassib on the Syrian side, was a key trade route before Amman closed it after the post was overrun by rebels in April 2015.

The reopening comes after Syrian government troops retook their side of the crossing in July under a deal with rebel fighters brokered by Moscow.

Source: Naharnet, Associated Press

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