Khalil Dismisses Allegations about Wages of Civil Servants

In light of a delayed government formation, caretaker Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil denied media claims that wages for civil servants and retirees were unavailable, the National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Khalil stressed in a tweet that such “allegations” were “false,” assuring the State’s commitment to pay the full dues.

"I am keen to clarify that remarks about unavailable salaries and wages for employees and retirees are just media tales far away from being true,” Khalil said.

Head of the Beirut Chambers of Commerce Mohammed Choucair had pointed out earlier that the State may reach a point where it will be unable to pay said salaries in light of a government gridlock.

“Depression in Lebanon is the result of poverty. Disabling the formation of the government means disrupting the fate of Lebanon,” Choucair had said and raised fears about salaries for public sector employees.

“The state is fully committed to paying all dues and reimbursing all debts. This is something we are used to doing and we will continue to do," stressed Khalil.

“We have additional commitments that are now binding and that have exceeded the state budget; we are coordinating with PM-designate Saad Hariri and (Central Bank) governor Riad Salameh to solve this issue," he added.

Khalil also indicated that he had discussed this file with President Michel Aoun when he visited Baabda Palace earlier today.

Source: Naharnet

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