Ferzli Says Govt. Nearing Formation as Berri Says 'Little Issue' Being Resolved

Speaker Nabih Berri said Wednesday that the government formation talks are focusing on two points: “how to represent the Consultative Gathering and some final touches on some portfolios.”

“A little issue is still being resolved, which is the political alignment of the Consultative Gathering's representative,” MP Ali Bazzi quoted Berri as saying during the weekly Ain el-Tineh meeting.

Deputy Speaker Elie al-Ferzli meanwhile announced after a meeting for Parliament's Bureau in Ain el-Tineh that “a safety net of alternatives has been created should the government not be formed.”

“All possibilities have been taken into consideration as well as the requirements of the public interest and Speaker Berri will act accordingly,” Ferzli said.

“Things are nearing finalization but we cannot be 100% certain,” he added.

The issue of representing the Hizbullah-backed Consultative Gathering, a grouping of six Sunni MPs, has delayed the formation of the government for several months now. There are also disagreements over the distribution of portfolios and previous disagreements over Christian and Druze representation had also hindered the formation process before being eventually resolved.

Source: Naharnet

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