Berri Expects ‘Tourist Boom’ if Govt. Resolves Chronic Files

Speaker Nabih Berri said he expects Lebanon to witness a “tourist boom” if the newly formed government focused on addressing the problematic issues of electricity, waste management and corruption, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday.

“The policy statement should focus on fundamental issues, first and foremost the electricity file in order to stop the squandering there. Second, the waste management issue because it affects the environment and people’s health. Third, the most important issue of corruption which should be a priority for the new government,” said Berri.

Shall Lebanon succeed at addressing these “three issues, only then can we say that the country is taking the first step towards self salvation,” added Berri, noting that it will pave way for “tourist attraction ahead of the Spring and Summer seasons.”

On the government policy statement, to be drafted by a 10-minister committee, Berri noted “there are no disagreements over the statement. I believe it can be devised in a week or less.”

Berri said a government confidence vote could be held next week if the policy statement was devised and approved in the Cabinet and referred to the parliament soon.

Source: Naharnet

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