Building Partially Collapses in Sin el-Fil-Nabaa

Parts of the facade of a residential building in the Sin el-Fil-Nabaa area collapsed on Thursday, causing no casualties.

Media reports said the building had been evacuated prior to the incident after residents sensed that something was wrong with the structure.

The National News Agency said municipal police oversaw the building's evacuation.

The incident forced the closure of the Saloumi-Nabaa road and traffic was diverted to neighboring areas.

Metn district officer Marlene Haddad and MPs Eddie Maalouf and Hagop Pakradounian inspected the scene in the wake of the collapse.

High Relief Commission chief Maj. Gen. Mohammed Kheir also inspected the building and said residence compensations will be paid to residents pending the results of a technical examination.

“We have allowed the building's residents to inspect their houses before evacuating them,” he added.

Source: Naharnet

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