Netanyahu Challenger Halts Israel Poll Day Drive to Help Biker

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's main challenger, Benny Gantz, stopped his car on polling day on Tuesday to help an injured motorcyclist on a highway, local media reported.

A video shows a jacketless Gantz, who was the chief of Israel's military before joining politics, bending over the helmeted rider next to a crashed motorcycle, getting updates from people at the site before squatting down to exchange a few words.

"Where does it hurt, if it hurts?" Gantz asked.

Gantz then placed a gentle hand on the rider's chest, telling him "we're deliberately not moving you, you'll need to have patience," before asking if anyone had aspirin in their car.

Painkillers were not immediately available, but someone handed a pack of wipes to Gantz, who used one to mop the distressed motorcyclist's brow, cheeks and neck.

According to Channel 12 television, the prime ministerial candidate directed an ambulance to the site of the accident on Highway 4, a main artery running from northern to southern Israel parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, and remained there until medics got to work.

Gantz has at least some familiarity with motorcycles.

On Sunday, he led a convoy of bikes to promote his Blue and White alliance.

The vote, which ends at 1900 GMT, was expected to be close and is likely to lead to frantic negotiations to form a coalition once results are in. 

Opinion polls have shown Netanyahu is best placed to put together an alliance.

Source: Agence France Presse

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