MP Says Servicemen Not Responsible for Budget Deficit

As reports emerge that the government might cut financial benefits for public sector employees, MP Shamel Roukoz said that servicemen are not responsible for the country’s budget deficit or the waste of public money, stressing that there are others areas to recover funds.

"Military men do not bear the responsibility for the waste of funds, the deficit, and the theft of state funds throughout the years," the lawmaker told Voice of Lebanon radio station on Monday.

"There are other sectors to recover money from, like mobile phones and vehicles' mechanical inspection," he said..

"Officials are looking for easy ways, while overlooking other areas which are likely to allow the state make bigger profits," he added.

Lebanon’s government began austerity measures to cut spending as it weighs a number of measures to reduce the country’s aggravating state deficit.

Over the weekend, Foreign Minister Jabran Bassil said that cuts to the salaries of government employees must be one of the options to cut spending.

Source: Naharnet

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