Hundreds of Brevet Students Without Exam Cards Stage Protest

Some “six hundred” middle school students staged a sit-in on Wednesday outside the Education Ministry premises protesting a failure to get the required examination cards, a move initiated as thousands of other students sat for the official Brevet exams.

The angry students and their parents briefly blocked the road near the ministry in the area of ESCWA but the security forces reopened it later.

The students complained that they were unable to sit for the exams because the education ministry made an error in registering the names of their schools, which prevented them from obtaining their examination cards.

Students who did not receive their cards, their parents and the principals of related schools have all gathered outside the ministry and tried to storm into the premises, blaming the ministry for the mishap.

Education Minister Akram Shehayyeb has appeased the fears saying the matter will be settled and that a special official exam round will be scheduled specifically for said students to sit for the exams.

Source: Naharnet

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