Report: Washington, Paris Eager on Lebanon’s Stability

The ambassadors of European Union countries reportedly discussed in their monthly meeting the latest developments in Lebanon, and reached a result that the deadly Qabrshmoun incident has “external dimensions,” and that their countries must act to prevent the aggravation of the situation in Lebanon, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

According to the daily, the ambassadors “expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of national responsibility, which marked the statements and positions of a number of officials and political figures in Lebanon. They were surprised at how a country on the brink of the abyss was still acting in that way and did not give priority to national and economic issues.”

Al-Joumhouria also said that according to information, the “United States and France have through diplomatic and military channels, informed Syria, Iran and Israel that Lebanon should not be destabilized because Lebanese stability garners an international consensus that includes Russia and China as well. The Lebanese arena must not be used as a “mailbox” for conflicting forces in the region.”

Source: Naharnet

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