Kataeb Calls for ‘Radical Reform’ and ‘Reinstating’ the Political Authority

The Kataeb party criticized the newly endorsed 2019 state budget warning that the country faces the danger of “collapse” if radical reforms were not reinstated.

“Kataeb party regrets what the 2019 state budget has reached in the Parliament. Instead of stopping the waste of public funds, it imposed new taxes on citizens. Instead of shutting down the illegal crossings and stopping tax evasion, it swooped on the rights of retired servicemen,” said Kataeb chief Sami Gemayel at the weekly politburo Kataeb meeting.

The opposition Kataeb chief added: “The country stands in front of two choices, either a radical reform or collapse. No compromises. The situation is dangerous and intolerable to procrastinate.”

Gemayel renewed the party’s demand for “early elections which will give rise to a fair, effective and capable authority to manage the country.”

“Kataeb calls for the implementation of the decisions of the table of dialogue in terms of Palestinian disarmament inside and outside the (refugee) camps, and the application of Lebanese laws, especially the labor law, on Lebanese nationals, displaced persons and refugees,” he added.

Source: Naharnet

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