Israel Warns Lebanon: Control Hizbullah or Face War

The Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin on Thursday warned the Lebanese government that if it does not “rein in” Hizbullah’s “aggression” against Israel, it could drag the two countries into war, according to a statement issued on Friday.

The statement issued by Rivlin’s office quoted him saying: “Lebanon shoulders the responsibility of Hizbullah’s action.

“We hereby clearly tell the Lebanese government and its allies around the world that Hizbullah’s aggression must stop before we get involved into a conflict that neither Lebanon nor Israel want,” said Rivlin.

The Israeli president added: “Israel will not tolerate threats to the safety of its citizens. With the Iranians, Hizbullah is building factories to produce rockets to fire at Israel and this is something Israel cannot tolerate. The Lebanese government cannot make excuses that it is not its responsibility. Hizbullah is part of Lebanon, part of the Lebanese government and part of the Lebanese people.”

Source: Naharnet

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