Qassem Says Hizbullah to Have Active Role in Govt., Urges 'Salvation' Cabinet

Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Friday said his part is “effectively taking part in the consultations with the heads of the parliamentary blocs and the relevant officials with the aim of forming the (new) government.”

“We hope the final format for the premier and the government will emerge soon,” Qassem added.

Stressing that Hizbullah “will maintain its role in carrying people’s concerns and working for reform and combating corruption,” Qassem said his party’s “presence and representation will be effective in the government that will be formed.”

“It will be part of the coming government because it is part of this people,” he added.

Emphasizing that things will not remain the same after the sweeping popular protests that have engulfed the country since October 17, Qassem said “the demands of this protest movement should be present and should have the priority over those of capitalists.”

“We are strenuously working to have a salvation government that can represent a chance to prevent the country from descending into chaos,” Hizbullah number two went on to say.

Source: Naharnet

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