Qaouq: Some Planting Mines in Way of Govt. Formation

A senior Hizbullah official on Sunday accused some parties of “planting mines in the way of the government formation process” in a bid to “change the political equations” in the country.

“Regardless of the government’s shape and whoever its premier might be, Lebanon will not have a government subject to American diktats that would work on implementing the U.S. wishes at the expense of the Lebanese interests, specifically at the expense of Lebanon’s strength in resistance,” Hizbullah central council member Sheikh Nabil Qaouq said.

“From the position of historic national responsibility, Hizbullah has managed to thwart strife and Israel’s civil war ambitions, and it is keen on facilitating all contacts and consultations for the sake of forming a new government,” Qaouq added.

Noting that “U.S. policy and Saudi electronic media sought to push citizens into clashes on the streets and were waiting for the eruption of strife among the Lebanese,” the Hizbullah official acknowledged that protesters on the streets “are rallying in order to rescue the country and demand their social rights.”

But he warned that “those who infiltrated the popular protest movement, be them political parties or U.S. interferences, do not want to rescue the country but rather to bring it down in order to achieve political gains.”

Source: Naharnet

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