Jumblat: Terrorism Theories No Longer Convince the Angry Masses

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat has warned that revolt-hit Syria might “descend into civil war if the bloodshed continues,” stressing that the Arab peoples “can no longer tolerate autocratic parties and rulers.”

In his weekly column in his party’s Al-Anbaa newspaper to be published Tuesday, Jumblat said: “The Arab peoples can no longer tolerate autocratic parties and rulers, and the freedom fighters and revolutionaries in all countries do not buy anymore the obsolete rhetoric that was used for years to control the masses.”

The Druze leader stressed that “the persistent attempts to promote theories about terrorism and armed terrorist groups can no longer convince the angry masses.”

But he noted that “if there are gangs described as terrorist that are taking advantage of the state of chaos created by the security and oppressive solutions implemented by the regime in the face of legitimate political and social demands, that does not negate the fact that there are peoples seeking to achieve their freedom, democracy and dignity.”

“There’s no doubt that Syria may descend into a devastative civil war if the bloodshed continues,” Jumblat cautioned, warning that “certain steps to escape forward might push things towards an explosion in other arenas.”

And as he reiterated that the Arab initiative was the most appropriate solution to the Syrian crisis, Jumblat urged Iran to “launch some kind of initiative towards the Syrian people who stood by the Iranian revolution against the Shah regime and in the face of the Saddamist attack in the eighties.”

He also called on Russia to “launch a political initiative together with the countries concerned in order to pull Syria out of this crisis.”

Turning to Lebanon, Jumblat reiterated his support for “the Resistance and the defensive mission it is performing in the face of the Israeli enemy, in a manner that preserves the national Lebanese interest,” stressing “the need to reach consensus over a comprehensive national defense strategy.”

He also underlined that “weapons should not be used domestically.”

“We are totally keen, together with the Resistance, on preserving domestic stability and civil peace, especially in this critical and sensitive moment in the region. As to the divergent viewpoints on evaluating the developments of the Syrian crisis, that should be left to direct dialogue, away from bickering in the media.”

Source: Naharnet

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