Franjieh: Bassil’s Greediness Obstructing Govt. Formation, Our Participation Undecided Yet

Marada Movement chief Sleiman Franjieh on Tuesday said his participation in the government is not decided yet, and accused Free Patriotic Movement chief of obstructing a much-delayed cabinet formation because of his “greediness” and intentions to get one-third veto power.

“Marada Movement has not decided yet on leaving or joining the government, but I will not impede the formation,” said Franjieh in a press conference.

FPM and caretaker Foreign Minister Jebran “Bassil’s greed is what is obstructing the formation. We refuse to participate in a government where one party can obstruct future government decisions,” he noted.

“When a political group insists on obtaining one third of cabinet seats, it draws suspicions over obstruction schemes in the future,” he explained.

On ministerial portfolios initially demanded by Marada, Franjieh said his movement wanted the “public works and culture portfolios, but that was surprisingly rejected later. Therefore we asked to stay out of the cabinet, but mind you we will give it our confidence vote.”

“We would like to stand by the President (Michel Aoun who is also Bassil’s father-in-law) because he needs allies, but Marada wants to participate in the government with dignity,” added Franjieh.

On the nationwide protests against the political class and economic policies since ongoing October 17, he said: “Lebanese people protested in the streets out of rightful anger and pain at the performance of politicians. Although people accuse the entire political class of corruption but allow me to say that not all are corrupt.

On the popular demand to form a government of technocrats, he said: "I do not support that because it is unrealistic. However, the revolution did achieve genuine goals and has awakened the ruling class and struck its conscience,” he concluded.

Source: Naharnet

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