Officer Killed, Inmates Flee as Gunfire Erupts in Ouzai Police Station

The Ouzai police station witnessed deadly mayhem on Tuesday that left an Internal Security Forces officer dead and several policemen wounded.

The station’s commander, Captain Jalal Shreif, was killed in the incident as the shooter, Lebanese national Hasan al-Hussein, shot himself dead after opening fire at the ISF members.

LBCI television said around 20 inmates escaped during the chaos and that the army later arrested seven of them.

Media reports said the slain captain is the son of Brig. Gen. Ali Shreif, the army’s deputy intelligence chief.

Citing preliminary investigations, MTV said al-Hussein had entered the police station along with his mother to visit his jailed brother and was not carrying any weapon.

“A fistfight ensued between him and his brother, which prompted the intervention of the station’s commander and other policemen, after which he snatched the firearm of one of the policemen and shot dead the officer Jalal Shreif,” MTV reported.

“An adjutant from the al-Attar family was seriously wounded as another policeman was injured in the leg before al-Hussein shot himself dead,” the TV network added.

Source: Naharnet

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