Geagea Takes Swipe at Bassil, Addresses Govt. on Illegal Border Crossings

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday hurled a jab at the Free Patriotic Movement and its chief Jebran Bassil in connection with the latter's remarks on the controversial issues of power plants.

“As to the issue of electricity: since the books of terms for the construction of production plants have been ready since 2019, why has the government tasked the energy minister (the real energy minister is Jebran Bassil) to directly negotiate with the firms instead of organizing an immediate call for tenders through the Public Procurement Management Administration?” Geagea tweeted.

Bassil had on Sunday stressed that the FPM ministers are not to blame for the chronic electricity crisis, accusing rivals of impeding their plans for political reasons.

Separately, Geagea lamented that “every day that passes carries a loss of tens of millions of dollars to the Lebanese treasury and people in connection with the issue of illegal border crossings.”

“What is the government waiting for to take a clear, final, decisive and firm decision to task the army and the competent security forces to shutter these crossings once and for all?” the LF leader asked.

Source: Naharnet

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