Geagea Slams Aoun's Aides, Says IMF Talks Have 'Ended'

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday criticized the inner circle around President Michel Aoun and said Lebanon’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund have “ended.”

“My impression is that President Aoun has not given his opinion about anything lately, and when I used to talk to him about any issue, he would ask me to ‘talk to Jebran,’” Geagea said in an interview with LBCI TV, referring to Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil, who is also Aoun’s son-in-law.

“Those in charge of the Presidency’s affairs are major elements of discord,” Geagea said.

Turning to the dire economic and financial situations, Geagea said “Lebanon’s journey to the IMF ended before it began.”

“In the presence of this ruling class one can't hope for anything and U.S. sanctions are a tiny part of the crisis,” he added.

“I’ve heard that the Americans are preventing the entry of dollars into Lebanon, but this issue is false and is being used for distraction, seeing as who will send dollars to Lebanon during this period?” Geagea said.

He noted that some are trying to link the economic crisis to international pressure on Hizbullah, but he pointed out that the confrontation between the U.S. and Iran goes back to two years ago.

“There is nothing bigger than the popular pressure that is being exerted since October 17, but the ruling authority does not feel anything,” Geagea decried.

Emphasizing that the Lebanese people are stronger than any calamity, the LF leader said those in power must “head to early parliamentary elections.”

“Or let them do like Bifani did,” Geagea added, referring to Finance Ministry director general Alain Bifani who resigned earlier in the day.

“The ruling majority does not have a sense of responsibility,” Geagea lamented.

He also said that “at its core, this government is not Hizbullah's government, but it is not in control of its decisions.”

“For example, Diab rejected the appointments in the beginning before eventually accepting them,” Geagea explained.

Source: Naharnet

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