Report: U.S. Military Aid to Lebanon Subject to 'Conditions'

The U.S. Congress reportedly renews pressure on Hizbullah, and a number of Democratic and Republican lawmakers seek to revive conditions on the military assistance to the Lebanese army, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Thursday.

The Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives has reportedly approved a bill entitled “Facing Hizbullah in Lebanon” and linking military aid to the Lebanese army with certain conditions, added the daily.

The bill states that 20 percent of the aid amounting to approximately 133 million dollars in the 2020 US budget will be frozen, until the American administration assures Congress that the Lebanese army has taken concrete steps to expel elements supporting Hizbullah from its ranks, or limit their impact on its policies and activities, according to the daily.

The project also calls for a detailed presentation on the army’s activities aimed at disarming Hizbullah, as evidence of its serious commitment to implementing Security Council Resolution 1701 calling for disarmament.

In addition, the project calls on the American president to provide evidence that the Lebanese army has not cooperated with Hizbullah or participated in joint activities or training during the past year.

Source: Naharnet

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