Geagea: South Being Tampered with on Regional Policies Altar

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Saturday warned that “the Lebanese south is being tampered with on the altar of regional policies,” days after a flare-up on the border with Israel amid tensions with Hizbullah.

“A big salutation to the army on its Day, and we hope on this occasion that the president, the premier and the government will do what it takes to return the strategic military decision to the army,” Geagea said in a series of tweets.

“This decision was usurped from it during the (Syrian) tutelage era and it is one of the legitimate military institution’s most basic rights,” Geagea added.

He noted that “the absence of the strategic military decision” from the hands of the “legitimate military institution” has been and is still “one of the main reasons behind the situation that Lebanon is currently going through.”

Geagea also warned that “the Lebanese south is being tampered with on the altar of regional policies, without taking into consideration neither the people’s interests nor the dire situations, especially at the social and health levels, and the repercussions of any escalation that might happen.”

Israel on Monday bombed border areas in south Lebanon after announcing that it had repelled an infiltration attempt by Hizbullah. The Iran-backed group denied involvement in any combat or infiltration activities but vowed that its response to the killing of one of its fighters in Syria will certainly come.

Hizbullah also warned that it will not remain silent over the shelling of a civilian house in the southern town of al-Hibbariyeh.

Source: Naharnet

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