Aoun Says ‘Won’t Walk Away’ on Cabinet Formation

President Michel Aoun said on Wednesday that he will “continue to bear his responsibilities” as Lebanon gears for a controversial designation of a new prime minister and the formation of a government widely expected to witness disputes over shares among political parties.

“I will continue to bear my responsibilities, in the designation and formation processes and in every constitutional position and stance against all those preventing our people from reform and from building the state,” said Aoun in a televised address.

The time of Aoun’s speech was announced only Tuesday astonishing many regarding the timing which comes one day before Aoun’s binding parliamentary consultations with lawmakers to name a new prime minister.

“I hereby address the people and lawmakers amid major agreements being signed and expansionary policies being implemented that may change the face of the region. Where are we today and where does Lebanon stand? What policies do we need to adopt regarding major pivotal changes and agreements?” he asked.

“I feel the pain of the people but I have to remind that some who ruled Lebanon for decades have raised unmet vows," Aoun said hinting at earlier governments.

"Reform remained just a slogan that officials and politicians repeat, and they are completely opposite to it. They believed in their authoritarian and personal interests with perfection and dedication, until we reached the point that institutional corruption became organized corruption par excellence,” he added.

The President wondered why several major development projects remain unaccomplished.

He asked: “Where are the dam projects while our water resources are being drained into rivers and oceans? Where is the rescue initiative to solve the economic crisis and to salvage Lebanon from the repercussions of the Beirut port blast? Where is the electricity plan that has been kept in the drawers since 2010 with no approval or implementation despite our insistence on it?”

However the President stressed that he will continue to bear responsibility, indirectly urging political parties to facilitate the formation of a government amid the challenges facing the country.

“I said what I had to say and will not walk my way. I will stay committed to my promise and hope that everyone thinks well about the designation and formation and their effect on the reform projects," he concluded.

Source: Naharnet

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