Blasts Rock Fuel Depot on Lebanese-Syrian Border

Blasts rocked a fuel depot on the Lebanese-Syrian border on Sunday evening, leaving ten people wounded.

“Ten people were wounded in the fuel depot explosion in the town of al-Qasr, seven of whom were transferred to hospital and three were treated on the scene,” Lebanese Red Cross chief Georges Kettaneh told LBCI TV, adding that a missing person has been found.

Military sources meanwhile told the TV network that the depots are located near the Lebanese border but inside Syrian territory, noting that no Lebanese soldiers were injured in the incident.

Al-Jadeed TV said the “major blast” ripped through a warehouse containing fuel and gas tanks.

Informed sources meanwhile told MTV that “the fire and blasts that the border town of al-Qasr has witnessed likely resulted from Israeli bombing, especially that they coincided with intensive low-altitude overflights by Israeli enemy warplanes over several Lebanese regions.”

“The fire site contains diesel and gas tanks owned by a Lebanese person from the Obeid family and he is close to Hizbullah and runs a fuel smuggling route from Lebanon to Syria,” the sources added.

“Years ago, Obeid turned from a truck driver into a wealthy man and he deals with several fuel companies in Lebanon. He purchases fuel from them, stores it and then smuggles it to Syrian territory through several means,” the sources went on to say.

Source: Naharnet

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