Interview With Muhammad Tabsh From Kol 3a Zaw2ak, Winners Of The Execution

Kol 3a Zaw2ak (Kolaz) is a smart phone app that helps you find vegetarian meals in Lebanese restaurants.

The initial idea was “a smart phone application for satisfying your hunger desires by finding you the best places you can visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; taking into consideration your location, budget and food preferences”, said Muhammad Tabsh, the business person in Kolaz, in an interview we conducted earlier this year. However, the team saw an opportunity in targeting the vegetarian and vegan people so it shifted into a narrower concept.

Kolaz was the winner of The Execution, Lebanon’s first Internet startup competition organized by Seeqnce. In the beginning of January, 2012, the team moved in to Seeqnce.

Among other things, Muhammad was talking about the way the idea was orn, the target market their app tries to serve, as well as the biggest challenge the team faced while working on the idea.

Any regrets so far? - “Great opportunity, great people to help us, amazing team, peaceful environment to work in, valuable application in hand…. What to regret?”, said Muhammad.

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