Interview with Julien Fayad, Founder of e-dailydish

After an international experience as an Information Systems engineer, Julien Fayad came to Lebanon where he began to offer his services as Eweev. After a while, he created e-dailydish as a fun project that on one hand would be helpful for people willing to eat healthy food, and on the other hand gives restaurants a cost effective marketing platform.

“Today both projects are growing at a satisfying pace and I am starting to enjoy my daily routine” - Julien Fayad

What does e-dailydish do?

E-dailydish is a location based website that helps you find daily dishes around you. The results can be filtered by price and distance.

What sparked the idea?

Julien moved from Paris to Lebanon 2 years ago. Since the idea of daily dishes is very popular in France, he decided to investigate the concept in Lebanon.

“I noticed there were a lot of places offering daily dishes but they didn’t communicate this effectively enough. So I thought it would be great if people could go to a website and find a daily dish in their neighborhood”, he continued.

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