STL Completes Investigation in Leaked Recordings

A high-ranking French source revealed that concerned circles in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon are continuing their investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding the leak of voice recordings conducted by the investigation into the assassination into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, reported al-Liwa’ Saturday.

The recordings were leaked and broadcast by a Lebanese television station.

The source added that it has been confirmed that the recordings are in the possession of a prominent Lebanese party that is concerned with the Hariri investigation.

It continued that the investigations over the recordings have reached an advanced and possibly final stage, the findings of which may be announced simultaneously with measures taken against individuals involved in the leak.

The French source revealed that it is almost certain that former employees in the STL were also behind the leak.

Meanwhile, it said that Pre-Trial Judge Danial Fransen is about to complete his assessment of the indictment into the Hariri assassination that STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare had delivered to him a few weeks ago.

It stated that the indictment may be released within two weeks.

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