The Co-Founders of Birdy Nam Nam Announce a New Company: Game Cooks

Do you remember Birdy Nam Nam ?

As a reminder, it is a Lebanese game where the player has the role of a hero who fights against the evil chickens and saves the humanity. The game created quite a buzz after achieving almost half a million downloads in one week only without any advertising or big investments.However, Birdy Nam Nam’s core team has split.

Last week we talked to Lebnan Nader, one of the Birdy Nam Nam’s co-founders, and found out that this week they are announcing their company called Game Cooks.

What is Game Cooks?

“It is all about creating iPhone and Android games with an Arabic twist!”, said Lebnan.

He further revealed that currently there are 2 projects (games) under the umbrella of Game Cooks.

One of them can be found on YouTubeand Facebook. It is a Facebook competition where fans choose a name for the new game which will be launched in May. The winner’s name will be featured in the credits section in the game and“will win something to do with iPad 2”, as described on Game Cooks Facebook page.

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