Naharnet, the Portal for People to “Get Discovered”

Loulou Khazen Baz, Founder

Passionate, unconventional, status quo challenger & eternal student… These characteristics have defined Loulou and have become the driving force behind “nabbesh”, a portal born for people to “get discovered”.

Bachir El Hage

Bachir is the engine of “nabbesh”; the person single-handedly behind the technology. He embodies the values of nabbesh by not taking “no” for an answer and enjoying every challenge presented to him.

What does nabbesh do?, a seed stage startup, is a location based online community that connects people with skills and hobbies to other people and businesses that require these skills and hobbies.

What makes nabbesh different?

Location and rating are the two key differentiators of nabbesh. You can search for a job/employee/individual in a specific area. Moreover, employers can rate employees’ work. This could be a good reference for other employers as well as a motivator for employees to provide a high quality input.

What sparked the idea?

“I always wanted to run my own business. Moreover, I always wanted to work on a startup that will have a positive impact on society”, told us Loulou Khazen Baz, the founder of

She further told us that the entrepreneurial vibe got to her while working for a venture capital company in Dubai.

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