Keefak: Teaching Lebanese Arabic on Mobiles

Keefak is a mobile application available on iOS and Android, which offers a fast and convenient solution for the increasing interest in Lebanese-Arabic dialect and its learning needs.

A key aspect to learning a language is quality content, a characteristic that Keefak offers in its user-friendly and sleek design. Each lesson is presented with an appreciation for cultural nuance that integrates components of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar so users learn actual conversation.

The number of research publications concerning mobile assisted language learning is increasing, suggesting that more teachers and learners are taking advantage of mobile devices to support language learning, but there is a gap between language learning motivations and everyday application people demonstrate when interacting with their environment.

This was the core motivation of Keefak’s development, and we spoke with Joseph El-Khoury, Keefak’s developer who explained in-depth the inspiration behind Keefak.

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