Game Cooks' New iOS Game Designed to Promote Peace in the Middle East

Game Cooks, the company established by the makers of Birdy Nam Nam, have announced the completion of their first game “Run For Peace,” which will be released end of June.

Set entirely in the Middle East, the linear run-and-jump game focuses around the character Salim, who spreads peace by running throughout the region, starting in Saudi Arabia and ending in Algeria. The game will be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at the end of June in English, French and Arabic.

“Everywhere in the Arabic region people talk about politics, war and politicians. We wanted to create something to show that the youth don’t care about this. Let’s all get together and have fun!” says Lebnan Nader, one of Game Cooks’ founders. “The ultimate goal is peace in the Middle East; every Arab playing will be playing for this, without noticing.”

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