Berri: Sovereign Portfolios ‘Overrated’, Cabinet Lineup Delay Unjustified

Speaker Nabih Berri said that Premier-designate Najib Miqati is continuing his efforts to form the new government, in remarks to An-Nahar and As-Safir newspapers.

“There’s no excuse to delay the government formation,” Berri said, rejecting to talk about so-called sovereign portfolios and non-sovereign portfolios.

In his remarks to the newspapers, Berri stressed that the issue of sovereign ministries was overrated, saying “there are some portfolios more important than those called sovereign portfolios.”

He denied the reports saying that Miqati was given a grace period of ten days to form a new government, saying “we’ve offered all the possible facilities to help the premier-designate carry out his tasks.”

An-Nahar daily remarked that Berri will reopen his office to lawmakers in the parliament starting Wednesday after the end of renovation work.

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