CMA CGM Denies Shipping Weapons to and from Iran

CMA CGM, the third largest shipping container company worldwide, denied on Monday recent media reports that it was involved in shipping weapons to and from Iran.

It said in a statement: “CMA CGM is responsible for the shipment of some 9 million containers around the world each year.”

“It adopts a very strict policy of committing to national and international systems that ensure the safety of ships and transported goods,” it continued.

“Our company, just like all shipping container companies, cannot closely monitor and examine the contents of every container, but it relies on the shipper’s shipping document whereby he alone is responsible for the legitimacy of his shipment,” the statement stressed.

“CMA CGM and its affiliated companies completely prohibit the shipment of illegal goods and our group constantly works with all specialized authorities on implementing measures to prevent the transportation of illegal products,” it said.

“CMA CGM has never accepted a shipping document for weapons and allegations of the contrary are false and we would like to point out that our company has never been subject to questioning from any side,” it stressed.

“Should illegitimate goods be found in any of our containers in violation of the shipping document, then laws exempt the company from any responsibility of this affair,” the statement concluded.

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