Suleiman Discusses Prison File with Najjar, Rifi: Prisons Will Be Priority for New Government

President Michel Suleiman stressed on Thursday that the prison file will be a priority for the new government where it will implement “radical solutions to its chronic problems.”

He made his statements during a meeting with caretaker Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar, Internal Security Forces chief Ashraf Rifi, and acting gendarmerie chief Salah Jebran on the prison file.

The president added that the repeated unrest at prisons in Lebanon, the most recent of which were the Roumieh prison riots, demanded the need to reach long-term solutions to this issue based on the plan that was set by caretaker Interior Minister Ziad Baroud before cabinet.

Suleiman stressed the importance of placing the prison file under the complete authority of the Justice Ministry and adopting measures that would ensure the introduction of the needed humanitarian conditions at the prisons.

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