Authorities Detain 8 Syrians, 6 Affiliated with FSA, over Possession of Illegal Weapons

Military Examining Magistrate Imad al-Zain interrogated on Monday eight Syrian nationals, who reside in the Bekaa town of Masharee al-Qaa, with the possession of illegal arms and a large quantity of ammunition.

According to the National News Agency, six out of the detained Syrians belong to the Free Syrian Army, and one of them was charged with opening fire at the Lebanese army.

Al-Zain referred the eight men to the military prosecutor to take the appropriate legal action against them.

More than 100,000 Syrians have fled their war-torn country for neighboring Lebanon, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said last week.

The border between Lebanon and Syria has witnessed tensions since the eruption of anti-regime protests in Syria in March 2011.

Lebanon and Syria share a 330-kilometer border, but have yet to agree on official demarcation.

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