Nasrallah Criticizes Arabs for Not Sending Arms to Gaza, Rejects Hamad's 'Coward Comments'

Hizbullah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah criticized on Monday Arab countries that “are sending weaponry to Syria but have not aided Gaza with one bullet”, attacking Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani's “sheep” comments.

In a speech he gave on the fifth day of Ashoura, Nasrallah said Arab nations should have contributed in “arming Gaza and supporting its fighters instead of calling for a mediation between it and the Israeli enemy”.

"Arab foreign ministers' statement is similar in its content to the one released after Israel's 2008 attack on Gaza, as both contain no more than condemnation and rescue calls for the international community,” said Nasrallah.

Arab FMs met on Saturday at the headquarter of the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the Israeli assaults on Gaza.

“Israel is now looking for a way out of the deadlock it had put itself into after assassinating Hamas leader Ahmed Jaabari,” Nasrallah said, calling for evaluating the factors enabling Gaza to strongly fight Israel and launch missiles into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and destroy many Israeli military vehicles.

"Iran and Syria's contribution to Gaza are apparent in this domain,” he said, adding that “it is Arabs' duty to open the borders in front of the people of Gaza and send arms to the Palestinian resistance”.

Responding to bin Jassem's word during the Arab FMs' meeting, Nasrallah said “there are still heroes and wolfs among Arabs, and if he considers himself a coward, he should not include the rest of the Arabs in this classification”.

Nasrallah added that many governments, politicians, and journalists in the region and internationally have turned into coward “sheep” in the last 60 years since Israel's occupation of Palestine, as many of them have let down Palestine and Lebanon, leaving them to face their own destiny with blood.

"Wolfs are going to shape the history of the region, similar to what they have done through their resistance in Lebanon and Gaza,” expressed Nasrallah.

The Qatari PM had said “they (the Israelis) are not wolves, but most of us are sheep”.

Nasrallah ended his political speech by saying that “Iran, Syria and Hizbullah will not abandon Gaza and they are performing their religious and national duty as their main battle is this battle”.

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