Killer of Myriam al-Ashqar Sentenced to Death

Syrian national Fathi Jaber al-Salatin, who was accused of killing Myriam al-Ashqar in November 2011, was sentenced to death on Friday.

Al-Ashqar, 28, was found dead and soaked in blood in the outskirts of Sahel Alma on November 22, 2011.

Al-Salatin, who hails from the Syrian province of Hama, was the janitor of the Our Lady of the Annunciation monastery in Baqloush and well-known in the town, where al-Ashqar used to pray several times every other week.

The janitor killed her after she managed to prevent him from raping her.

When al-Ashqar did not return home that day, the search started in Sahel Alma’s forestlands, with the participation of army troops, security forces and the town’s residents.

Parts of her clothes were found blood-soaked and buried in the ground near the janitor’s room, prompting the search crews to intensify their efforts before discovering al-Ashqar's body wrapped in a white bag in a hard-to-reach place.

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