Syria to Hand Over on Sunday Bodies of Four Fighters Killed in Tall Kalakh

Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali informed Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour that his country will hand over on Sunday the bodies of four Lebanese fighters who were recently killed in the Syrian town of Tall Kalakh, the state-run National News Agency reported.

“The competent Lebanese authorities will be handed over on Sunday noon the corpses of four men who were killed in Tall Kalakh,” Ali said on Saturday.

On Friday, the families of the men warned of staging rallies across Lebanon on Monday if the authorities failed to retrieve the bodies of the fighters over the weekend, demanding the expulsion of Ali.

They described the Syrian ambassador as a “criminal,” calling on authorities to expel him until he returns with the corpses.

Last week, Syrian authorities handed over the corpses of three fighters through the Arida border-crossing in the North.

The corpses had been identified as those of Mohammed al-Mir, Khodr Mustafa Alameddine, and Abdul Hamid Ali Agha.

Conflicting reports had emerged over the total number of Lebanese fighters killed in the town of Tall Kalakh.

Media reports had said that 14 Salafists, who mostly hail from northern Lebanon, were killed on November 30 in an ambush carried out by Syrian regime forces as they infiltrated Tall Kalakh to fight alongside the Free Syrian Army.

One report said that around three men arrested in the deadly ambush will not be handed over to Lebanese authorities and will be tried in Damascus instead.

Several others have reportedly escaped and sought refuge with the rebel FSA.

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