Nahhas on Being Prevented from Dismantling OGERO Station: Intelligence Bureau Staging Coup

Caretaker Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas described on Thursday the morning’s developments at the Telecommunications Ministry “as a coup led by the Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence Bureau.”

Earlier during the day, the ISF had prevented Nahhas, a number of directors, and a technical team from entering one of the ministry buildings at Adlieh.

He urged during a press conference after the incident “the army command to assume its responsibilities, confront this coup, and immediately vacate the building of rebel members.”

Nahhas added that he and the accompanying delegation chose to exit the building in order to avoid causing more tensions between the Intelligence Bureau members and other security forces.

The minister accused the ISF general directorate of breaking the law and not following the orders of the Interior Ministry, comparing its actions to a “military mutiny.”

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