Hizbullah Backs Nahhas: Yesterday’s Actions Undermine State Institutions

Hizbullah condemned on Friday the incident at a Telecommunications Ministry building at Adlieh on Thursday, saying that it raises questions over whether Lebanon has official security forces or statelets independent of the state.

It said in a statement: “Yesterday’s development is an indication that Lebanon’s institutions are at risk of being emptied of their constitutional and legal elements in favor of personal interests of sides claiming to respect the state while they are actually seeking to destroy it.”

“The security forces’ prevention of the minister to exercise his privileges and concerned sides’ refusal to obey the Interior Minister’s orders raise questions over the purpose of the third mobile phone network,” it added.

The security forces at the Adlieh building prevented caretaker Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas from dismantling equipment needed to install a third mobile phone network.

Caretaker Interior Minister Ziad Baroud had ordered the security forces to vacate the building.

“Is the network aimed at achieving financial or conspiracy gains? Does it belong to the March 14 camp or security forces functioning independently from the state?” the Hizbullah statement asked.

“The March 14 camp’s escalatory response only increases our suspicions and makes finding answers to them even more pressing,” it noted.

“Yesterday’s development targeted the core of the existence of the Lebanese state,” it said.

Given these “militia practices”, the Lebanese have the right to know the truth of what happened at Adlieh, it stressed.

The statement praised Nahhas’ keenness on the proper functioning of his ministry and his commitment to the constitution and laws, voicing its complete support to his actions.

It also praised Baroud’s decision to relinquish his duties as caretaker minister, saying that had the concerned officials taken the necessary measures, “we would never have reached this point.”

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