E-Health Finally Reaches the Middle East

The medical industry in the Middle East is not always easy to navigate for patients.

In the GCC, expats often have difficulty finding doctors they can trust. In the Levant, especially Lebanon, there's a large number of world class medical practitioners, however picking the best one for a specific need can be a challenge; and that's without mentioning how difficult it is to go to a clinic while dealing with busy work schedules and traffic congestion.

The above issues are some of the factors that encouraged the founders of to launch their startup.

Premium Online Health Portal is the first dedicated, premium, online medical platform in the MENA region. It aims to connect doctors and patients directly. Users can ask health-related questions for free and get answers from top medical experts. The process is simple, free and, most importantly, safeguards the users’ identity.

eTobb launched to the public on January 14, 2013. Since then, over 50 registered doctors from 21 different specialties have started engaging users and answering their queries. These doctors are affiliated with some of the most prestigious medical centers in Lebanon, and thus by extension in the region.

The process is simple. All you have to do is register on and ask any health-related question. You can also browse through existing Q&As to see if your query has already been addressed and can even request second opinions on any answer should it not prove satisfactory.

In addition, eTobb is building the largest medical expert network in the region, by making its doctors' profiles accessible and searchable for users.

Regional Reach

“We are overwhelmed with questions from users” said Sara Helou, one of the founders of eTobb, “and not just from Lebanon, but from the entire Arab world. People are genuinely excited to use the platform.”.

eTobb also benefits doctors, allowing them to have a virtual practice online and to showcase their expertise and credentials to the world.

To quote one of their users, “eTobb is awesome! Got a detailed reply to my medical question! Making my life so much easier.”(from Lama Baydoun (@Mumibee))

The startup has not just been receiving critical acclaim from doctors and patients. Indeed, it recently acquired its first sponsorship partner: Bankers Assurance, a leading Lebanese insurance company. Bankers Assurance is promoting its new “Bankers Best Assistance " mobile app (available on a variety of devices), and clearly saw to be a great platform to be associated with: youthful, modern and offering a true benefit to patients in the region.

Thus, with a growing body of top medical experts, an enthusiastic user base and promising early monetization achievements, the Seeqnce-advised startup is poised to take the lead in driving the regional digital revolution in medicine.

Got an itch? What are you waiting for? Head to and share your concerns with any one of the Arab world’s top medical experts.

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