Aoun Says Incitement Leads to War: Any Electoral Law with Known Results Will Not Pass

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun warned on Tuesday against the current “dangerous security situation in the country”, explaining that not responding to “incitement, provocation, killing and kidnapping incidents will lead to an internal war”.

"Politicians and those keen on preserving the constitution are held responsible for any conflict that may erupt in the country,” Aoun stated in a statement he gave after Change and Reform parliamentary bloc's weekly meeting, adding that “armed forces on ground are preparing for this war”.

He said: “The cabinet has not taken any step to arrest people blocking roads or attacking people”.

"No one has been penalized,” he noted. "Whether the defect is in the security forces or among ministers, we call on them to resign and urge replacing them”.

Commenting on the electoral law debate, the FPM leader said he will not accept any alternative to the Orthodox Gathering's draft, except when a better suggestion is put forward.

"Any law that predicts the elections' results beforehand is rejected,” he confirmed.

"Those saying the Orthodox proposal is illegal can refer it to the constitutional council for a judgment in this matter,” he stated.

Regarding his comments on the situation in Bahrain, Aoun said that “he might have been misunderstood”: “We are on good terms with Bahrain and we are keen on its security and stability”.

“We do not want to meddle in any other Arab country's affairs,” he remarked.

Aoun had criticized earlier in February the international community and the Arab League for their lack of support for Bahraini protesters.

His statement to Iran's al-Alam television was considered by Bahrain as an “irresponsible meddling in its internal affairs.”

Meanwhile, several internal political factions attacked the FPM leader's remarks, expressing that they “threaten the businesses and the futures of many Lebanese in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council”.

Aoun had responded to critics, saying “we support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Bahrain would incur a lot of criticism if it does not advocate it.”

Source: Naharnet

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