Aoun to Miqati: Self-Dissociation Doesn't Mean Allowing Clashes to Move to Lebanon

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun on Sunday stressed that the government's so-called self-dissociation policy towards the Syrian crisis does not mean “allowing these clashes to move to Lebanon,” warning against “foreign interference” in Lebanon.

“I hold the prime minister (Najib Miqati) responsible, because dissociating ourselves from Syria's clashes does not mean allowing these clashes to spill over into Lebanon,” Aoun said during a tour of the Kesrouan district.

"We will not allow an explosion, but the risk lies in a possible foreign interference," Aoun added.

The FPM leader stressed that “it is unacceptable to keep our border with Syria open for gunmen and arms trafficking.”

“It is true that we have dissociated ourselves, but we allowed some people to become heavily involved in the Syrian crisis,” Aoun said.

He warned that “there are several pressures and attempts to blow up the situations,” calling on security chiefs to “shoulder their responsibilities in preserving security, controlling the border and combating extremism.”

Turning to the issue of parliamentary elections, Aoun called for an electoral law that “ensures proper Christian representation without encroaching on the rights of any other sect.”

“The beginning of reform is a law that restores Christians' right to proper representation, and this is what Article 24 of the Constitution stipulates: equal power-sharing” between Christians and Muslims, Aoun added.

“The reason behind the current conflict is that they don't want political reform and are trying to obstruct it in all possible ways,” he went on to say.

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