Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s 30-member Cabinet Lineup

The following is the lineup of Miqati’s 30-member government:


- Najib Miqati: Premier

- Mohammed Safadi: Finance Minister (pro-Miqati)

- Walid Daouq: Information Minister (pro-Miqati)

- Hassan Diab: Education Minister (pro-Miqati)

- Alaeddine Terro: Minister of the Displaced (National Struggle Front)

- Faisal Karami: Youth and Sports Minister (March 8)

- Ahmed Karami: Minister of State (pro-Miqati)


- Ali Hassan Khalil: Health Minister (AMAL Movement)

- Adnan Mansour: Foreign Minister (AMAL Movement)

- Hussein Hajj Hassan: Agriculture Minister (Hizbullah)

- Mohammed Fneish: Minister of State (Hizbullah)

- Ali Qanso: Minister of State (Syrian Social Nationalist Party)


- Ghazi Aridi: Public Works Minister (National Struggle Front)

- Wael Abou Faour: Social Affairs Minister (National Struggle Front)

- Talal Arslan: Minister of State (Resigned)


- Jebran Bassil: Energy Minister (Free Patriotic Movement)

- Shakib Qortbawi: Justice Minister (Free Patriotic Movement)

- Fadi Abboud: Tourism Minister (Free Patriotic Movement)

- Marwan Charbel: Interior Minister (President-FPM consensus)

- Nazem al-Khoury: Environment Minister (pro-president)

- Salim Karam: Minister of State (Marada Movement)


- Nicolas Nahhas: Economy and Trade Minister (pro-Miqati)

- Fayez Ghosn: Defense Minister (Marada Movement)

- Samir Moqbel: Deputy Premier (pro-president)

- Gaby Layyoun: Culture Minister (Free Patriotic Movement)


- Charbel Nahhas: Labor Minister (Free Patriotic Movement)

- Nicolas Sahnawi: Telecom Minister (Free Patriotic Movement)

- Nicolas Fattoush: Minister of State (Independent)


- Vrej Saboundjian: Industry Minister (Tashnag Party)

- Panos Manajian: State Minister (Tashnag Party)

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