Geagea: New Cabinet Does Not Respect National Principles

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Wednesday that the new government is reminiscent of the period of Syrian hegemony over Lebanon, saying that at a time when people are revolting against oppressive regimes, Lebanon has become directly linked to one of them.

He said during a press conference: “The new government has gone against the tide of these revolts, and six years after the Cedar revolution, the cabinet came to remind us of the time of hegemony in the worst possible way.”

“The government has set Lebanon apart from Arab and international policies, linking it to the likes of North Korea,” he noted.

“On the internal level, this government does not adhere to national principles … seeing as it does not properly represent Sunnis, which led Hizbullah and AMAL to concede a seat of their share to them,” the LF leader said.

“Political Shiism didn’t lose anything in the government since it completely belongs to it, the Sunni majority boycotted the cabinet, and the Christians are represented by those who don’t enjoy the popular majority,” he noted.

“We have seen massacres between the members of the new majority during the government formation process and MP Talal Arslan’s sentiments over it are shared by several members of the cabinet,” Geagea remarked.

On Monday, Arslan had criticized the government and Prime Minister Najib Miqati, accusing him of discriminating against the Druze and other minorities.

Geagea stated: “The new cabinet is not cohesive and I haven’t found a single positive thing in it.”

“This government harkens back to the Stone Age and I feel sorry for the citizens for how much they had to put up with and how much they will have to endure,” he lamented.

Lebanon would have been better off without a government, Geagea said.

“A government like this poses a danger to Lebanon, especially since it is connected to the Syrian regime,” he added.

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