Arslan Mum on his Vote of Confidence to Miqati’s Cabinet

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan remained mum on Sunday on whether he would grant his vote of confidence to the new cabinet after he resigned from the government the day it was formed.

Arslan is considering the nomination of his brother-in-law Marwan Kheireddine to replace him as minister of state. The MP resigned last Monday hours after the cabinet was announced, accusing Premier Najib Miqati of discriminating against the Druze community and other minority groups.

The lawmaker had repeatedly said that he wanted a portfolio, mainly the defense ministry, and rejected the allotment of a state ministry. But it isn’t clear if he has submitted his resignation in writing.

Asked by reporters if he would grant his confidence vote to Miqati’s cabinet, Arslan vaguely replied that he was leaving it to the last minute although he stressed that he had no personal problem with the premier.

The Druze MP also extended his apologies to Miqati over the verbal attack he waged against him in his last press conference.

He reiterated during a press conference that Miqati’s decision to grant him a state ministry was discriminatory, saying he backs giving portfolios to different sects and minorities.

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