Arslan’s Apology to Miqati Opened Way for Solution to his Resignation

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan’s resignation dispute after the formation of the government is likely to end through the nomination of his brother-in-law Marwan Kheireddine to replace him, al-Liwaa newspaper reported on Monday.

Sources told the newspaper “since the portfolios have been occupied and there’s no chance to replace any minister after being done with the handover ceremonies in all ministries,” Kheireddine is likely to replace Arslan as minister of state.

However, As Safir newspaper reported that the Druze leader’s verbal attack on PM Najib Miqati opened the way for reconsidering Arslan’s resignation.

The MP resigned last Monday hours after the cabinet was announced, accusing Miqati of discriminating against the Druze community and other minority groups.

Arslan remained mum on Sunday during a press conference on whether he would grant his vote of confidence to the new cabinet.

He also apologized for slamming Miqati.

Miqati’s circles welcomed Arslan’s stance. “Recognition of error is a virtue, it’s good that Minister Arslan moved back to the principles of Emir Majid.”

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